Rendezvous and Beyond…

I wished it had happened a bit earlier in my life.I wish I had a little more time to think over, to prepare. Irrespective of my thoughts the gods above had agreed, my fate was sealed. The meeting was set and so was the outcome. I was only human and so predictable. We met and I was owned by her. My heart was stolen. She was a fascinating site.Who would be my retreat from the world for years to come.

As time passed by I was only to be proved wrong, she didn’t just steal my heart but the elements of her physics stole my spirit & my soul. She wasn’t just a retreat but to understand her completely was the sole aim of my life.She was all but a fascinating window to all the truth that we can ever or rightly NEVER perceive.

Even TIME was just another element of her physics fully understandable, for us it is one way to perceive dynamics of space-time. One was to say the cosmos works like this.A fundamental.

One would go to such depths that he would erase his own existence to understand her’s. That was her, way beyond humanly perceptions, way beyond our 3 dimensions. She was all the sense and nonsense, structure and chaos, creation and destruction, art and science. Dark and Beautiful all at the same TIME. She was the Moonless night sky of 12th December 2012 and I met her at Ain-Hamrat, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman as she sparked those Geminids meteor showers to grant me a million wishes.

– Rohan Nalawade



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