My Lady Fair

We stared at the sky colored crimson blue,

the reality then was just me and you.

Lost in oblivion I grabbed your hand,

experience of a lifetime slipped through like sand,

baffled if to apologize or to let it be,

whether to hold you close or to set you free.

your sly cozy smile made my heart skip a beat,

the moment was cold, it brought back the heat.

It was so intense that my heart had melted,

I tried to be calm but then you just sensed it,

you moved an inch closer breaking all bounds,

your head on my shoulder, the sweetness of your sound.

The enchanted forest was all I could see,

all my fantasies finally set free.

I saw our little house in that forest,

a life wildly exciting, yet so modest.

My cell rang and broke your spell,

I answered, still mesmerized by your smell.

As the “other” broke me the horrific news,

I looked at you, all guilty and confused.

The meeting had been rescheduled and I had to leave,

you looked at me like a kid who is been deceived.

I promised you that, “I’ll be back in a jiffy”.

you said, “I’ll wait here until you meet me”.

I kissed you “bye!”; saying “I’ll be back soon!”

and raced across the road jumping like a loon.

I turned around to see you one last time,

and I tripped across the yellow line.

I smiled at you as you watched me leave,

once again you had been deceived.

I know you deserved a much better lover,

and I appreciate that you still bring me those flowers.

Eight years have passed since that day,

the day the truck took me away.

Move on with your life this phase will pass,

Your physical embodiment isn’t meant to last.

Don’t fret over what’s gone,

Such is life you need to move on.

Live it and enjoy until you grow old,

Then one day your body will free your soul.

That’ll be the day I’ll be on sky seven.

That’ll be the day we will complete heaven.

  • – Rohan Nalawade

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