A Little Mercy

Beggars of the destiny,
Sinning all their life,
Creating havoc for the humanity already dying,
Where will they repent for this menace,
The golden opportunity to incarnate
Falling off the hands like sand.

Remembrance after the apocalypse of existence
Serves no inspiration here,
The quest here, my darling is all about the rampant wealth and swag,
In the lust of living fully in this moment,
Hotshots have wasted their premium art,
The charismatic past reckons you, oh savage!
Begs you to rejuvenate the values, the principles of a sober life, all left back,

No one is invincible however they try
Everyone has to one day, leave it all and die,
To aspire to be the KING of the universe,
Is a hoax for the lifetime,
Monsters can just imagine to be
hit hard and try,
disappointment would be your kin,
failure follows by,

I crave for those days when there’s peace all around
Nothing but love and kinship floating by
This mighty beast will rest with a sigh of relief
Only when the beloved almighty sings to us Rockabye
baby, Rockabye…
Rockabye baby, Rockabye !!

– Sayali Mahajan


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